Earl Arnold

Arnold, Earl Edward, the subject of “Ol’ Time Preacher Man,” ascended from this sphere September  22, 2008.  Born in Memphis, TN, a member of “The Greatest Generation,” he has been in this area as minister of the Daytona Beach Church  of Christ for more than thirty-five years, years when, for six days each week, he was in the local hospitals, other places, visiting the sick, those with needs, as well as his pulpit, evangelistic, humanitarian and civic work.  He was the regional representative for the television effort, “The Herald of Truth,“ as well as serving as a board member of the Volusia Hearing Society, seventeen years in supervision with Firestone,  with Prudential Insurance Company, Hull-Dobbs Cadillac  and his own car lots.   From the islands of the Pacific, as Navy chaplain, aboard the LST 647, on ship decks, with the wind as the only speaker system, the Chaplain’s Flag flying, radio silence, the smoking lamp out, and other ships bringing over others for the services, to Mars Hill and Mt. Alexandria in Greece, Egypt, and Israel, his sermons have gone also into five different countries, and many states requesting information on Biblical topics from him.  As a located minister in Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Florida, with radio efforts, such as “The Oracles of God,” heard on WSBB, with efforts with the deaf in each area where he worked, and on June 12, 1995, he was recognized by David Lipscomb University with the Diakonia Award, recognizing more than fifty years of  the work as an evangelist.

He put his first car together before he was fifteen: cars have remained a life-long passion, often shedding his suit coat to get under the hood of some member’s car balking at starting up.  He knew too much about cars to ever be satisfied with any.  His family have been in country music, and his singing began as cousins put together music groups as children.  He has been a life-long “scratch” golfer, with two holes-in-one, and shelves of trophies.

Mourning our loss, and celebrating his victory are his wife, P.A.,

locally,  #1 daughter, Diane, and Bill Cooper, Georgia,

#2 daughter, Zona Hackett, Tennessee, and any number you might pick from 1-20, reflecting those who have been in their family, their home, their love and life as needs and opportunities presented .  Grand and great-grand children, Denise and her children, Bill, and his children.  His brother, Jim, and sister, Mildred, are in Memphis, and youngest Mary, in Kentucky.   His church family literally extends around the globe, with special ties with those of the church family where he has served.

Remembrances may be sent to the Mt. Dora Christian Home and Bible School, P.O. 1017, Mt. Dora, FL. For he has a special passion for helping the “motherless and fatherless in their affliction,” and supported the school and home at CH&BS.

He has “fought a good fight, kept the faith, finished his course,” following “The Footsteps of Jesus,”  as he “walked with God….”


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