Stories From the Underhill #1

Here is a photo we shot at Arlington in July, 2001.  Thanks Larry Zini

This "Old Salt" wants you to know how much the Underhill web site has meant to me over the years. From the time I first found it, and the e-mails from your Dad, it has been an almost sacred place to visit, and honor those of July 24, 1945.

Eugene “Waggy” Wagstaff  (Thanks Waggy, Jay)

This picture was presented to Eugen Lee Wagstaff EM2/c an Underhill survivor, by his family, at a surprise 75th birthday party. Waggy, as he is called by his shipmates, sent it me for listing on our page.

We would like to hear more stories and receive more pictures from
other shipmate, friends and relatives.


This is an especially moving story I received from Earl and P.A. Arnold last year.

Your father wrote Earl, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.  Your father and Hubby bonded with the drama of that night. Your Dad said that someone from one of the ships that came to the Underhill pulled him out of the oil covered water, stripped off his soaked clothes, and wrapped him in a dry peacoat. I'm sure that happened many times that night. Earl was among those who did that. These two men have decided that they first met that night!

Earl and P.A. Arnold

Earl holding plague.

Note to Earl from Rodger

My Daddy's Shaving Kit

The following was sent to us by Randi Kay who is a nurse attending L. C. Patterson one of our shipmates. The poem itself was written by Doug, his son for Fathers Day 2000. We thank them for allowing us to publish it. Rodger

Select here to see a PDF file of the site:

Memories Of A Visit To The USS Slater

Recently I (Rodger) and some members of my family visited the USS Slater, the only
DE believed to be afloat in the US. She is in Albany, NY and is maintained
by the Destroyer Escort Historical Foundation and interested volunteers.

If you are interested in joining contact-
Johnson Mc Rorie
1111 Martha Dr.,
Monroe, NC 28112

The USS Slater WebSite is:

3"/50 Cal Mk22

"K" Gun Projector

20mm Oerlikon Gun

"SL Radar"

40mm Twin Mk1 Gun Mount


Gang Way







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