Postal Markings Underhill

I recently received the message below from Jon Burdett.  Jon has graciously allowed us to post this to our site for your viewing and use.  Feel free to get back to him directly or visit his website if you have any questions.

My name is Jon Burdett,
I collect postal markings from warships that were involved in the Pearl Harbor attack, and ships named for the men considered to be Heroes from the attack.

I am an active Honorary Member of The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association as an historian.

In my quest for postmarks from these ships, I occasionally purchase multiple lots of postmarks that include "other" ships.  In this case, I have obtained a postmarking from the USS UNDERHILL Commissioning at Quincy MA.  This is a Navy Penalty envelope use with the UNDERHILL's return address dated November 15 1943.  I have attached a scan that you may use for the website...or any purpose you desire.  I will GLADLY donate it to the cause, as I got it along with others I was actually after.

Jon Burdett


You may download this document by right clicking on it and saving to your desktop.

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